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About the Chihuahua

History of the Chihuahua

 The first record of the Chihuahua as a specific breed dates back to Mexico in 1884 where they were sold to tourists in the border markets.  These tiny dogs were called a variety of names such as Mexican, Texas, or Arizona dogs, depending on where one was at the moment of acquisition.  Over time, they became associated with the Mexican state of Chihuahua, located just south of the border, thus the name by which we now know this endearing little dog--the Chihuahua.
Characteristics of the Chihuahua

If you are looking for a companion with a saucy expression and dancing feet, then your search is over.  This enchanting breed will delight you with their antics and win you over in a heartbeat with their loyalty and unconditional affection!
The Chihuahua is a compact, graceful, alert, swift-moving little dog with saucy expression. The Chihuahua is an unmistakable dog, with his apple-domed skull blending into his lean cheeks and jaws.  The head is topped with large ears that are held erect when alert, but have their position for repose (a 45 degree angle flare at the sides).  The body is level on the back and slightly longer than high.  There are two coats types: smooth, a close glossy coat of a soft texture; and long, a flat or slightly curly, soft-textured coat with an undercoat preferred.  Either coat type can be any color - solid, marked, or splashed.  Weight: 1 - 6 pounds. Height varies accordingly.

are blessed with a strong immune system and overall hardiness.  There are very few genetic defects associated with the breed.  A distinctive characteristic of the Chihuahua that concerns many novice owners is the presence of the soft spot in the skull known as the molera.  The Chihuahua is the only breed that has the molera.  This cranial gap closes in other canines, but in most adult Chihuahuas, the gap can easily be detected.
Small dogs have a higher metabolism and are therefore more affected by extreme heat or cold.  The Chihuahua is seemingly unperturbed by either. They are remarkably adaptable.  They are sun-worshipers and will bask in the sun for hours.  In the winter they will seek out a little pool of sunshine pouring through a window and cozy down to enjoy the warmth.
The Chihuahua rarely shivers from fear or cold, but rather this response is typically triggered by nervousness or excitement.  Strange noises and unusual situations can make a Chihuahua uneasy. 
Although the reputation of "yappy ankle biter" is simply undeserved, the chihuahua does qualify as a reliable, excellent alarm dog.  The Chihuahua is very protective and will challenge strangers until they are satisfied that the intruder is not a threat to their master. 
Chihuahuas love humans--even more than other dogs!  Most dogs will continue to play together when their owner calls--not the Chihuahua.  They  will cease their frolicking with their canine friends and run to the arms of their human!
  Chihuahuas need touching, petting, conversation, and approval. They love nothing more than to cuddle up with you on the sofa--or in bed! They are very perceptive of the mood and emotions of their owner--always willing to offer a reassuring kiss.  Chihuahuas make good travel companions.  They enjoy being wherever their favorite human is.
If your choice is the Chihuahua, you will enjoy a long, rewarding friendship.

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